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02 March 2011

Clouds are back.

Word for the day: insouciance (Origin: French 1790-1800) Lighthearted unconcern, nonchalance.  No doubt négligé dates from those happy, care-free times, as well.

Remember cloud shades, Krystle? Well, they're back, darling.

As if they ever went away.

Two yards of striped silk taffeta, eight tiny silk pins, three push-pins, and, voila! Les nuages!
I think if I had had these properly made up in the workroom - sewn hem and header and rings and cords - that the (nearly) artless insouciance of the whole thing would have been lost. Sometimes, the least effort is effort enough.

Say it with me: insouciance

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  1. I'm your first follower!

    Black and white stripe. "What could be more wholesome and natural."